Paint Protection Film (PPF)

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Shiny Monkeyz Detailing shop based in Nicosia Cyprus offers now the Car Protection Film PPF (Paint Protection Film), also known as Anti-Stone Film, with self-healing properties, for maximum protection of the car body in the event of stone chips. The Paint Protection Film has hydrophobic properties, protecting the bodywork from scratches, resin and limescale and making it easier to clean.

PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a transparent film with self-healing properties that is applied to the car bodywork to protect it from scratches and small dents.
It is also known as Anti-Stone Film because it provides protection from pebbles and gravel, which can cause damage if splashed against the vehicle bodywork. Similarly, the film also provides protection from insects, resins and limescale, as it has high hydrophobic properties.
The self-healing properties of the protective film allow it to self-heal by simply exposing it to the heat of the sun.

By applying PPF Protective Film to your car, you can protect the bodywork, keeping the vehicle looking new and preserving its value over time.
Being transparent and having a high gloss, the PPF film enhances the beauty of the bodywork, giving the vehicle a showroom appearance. We can also apply our PPF to cars with matte paint, without altering the colour.
For maximum results, a nanotechnological bodywork treatment can be combined, which will further enhance the film’s gloss, protective and hydrophobic qualities.

Our centre is specialised in the application of PPF Protective Film. We are specialised in using the pre-cut system. This means that we do not remove any car parts and do not use cutters on the car.
All panels are pre-cut by plotter in our Atelier, according to the car model. We can apply our PPF to the front of the car, or to the whole car at the customer’s choice.

We also offer PPF, Vinyl Wrap & Tinted Films for:

  • Front Headlights
  • Rear Headlights
  • All around Tinted Glass with 5%, 15%, 25%, 35% & 50% Darkness

Partial Front End

Full front Coverage

Full Car Coverage

Side Skirts

A Pillars & Roofline

Boot Step