Car owners owners can rejuvenate and improve the aesthetics of their vehicle through our range of detailing options.

Detailing can be divided into subcategories which you can choose from depending on your requirements. These often involve deep cleaning and conditioning of the interior, proper washing and decontamination techniques, machine polishing of paintwork and finally finishing the overall detail and utilising various last step products (LSP) to achieve a fantastic finish.

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More commonly known as ‘paint protection’ ceramic coatings is a term that encompasses the latest generation of products designed to assist car owners maintaining a new or recently purchased car.

These coatings impart several positive factors to your cars paintwork; physical and chemical resistance they also dramatically improve in appearance (gloss and depth).

Best of all, these products are expected to last years rather then months allowing you to benefit and have an easier time washing and maintaining it throughout your ownership.

Ceramic coatings are most commonly applied to paintwork , however we offer a range of products that can be also applied to wheels/brakes to resist brake dust, glass for better safety and interior materials to also afford better cleaning and longevity.

Not only do we offer different types of Ceramic Coatings, we are also partnered with globally recognised brands to give the very best in protection.


Here at Shiney Monkeyz we love sparkling interiors and our Interior Protection Packages covers up a variety of Services such as:

  • Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Ceramic Coatings
  • Fabric Cleaning
  • Fabric Ceramic Coating
  • Alcacantara Cleaning
  • Alcantara Ceramic Coating


Nobody likes those yellowish sun faded Headlights and so are we. Here at Shiney Monkeyz we provide the Headlight Cleaning Service to restore your Car’s Headlight sparkle.




Our interior detail is a great way to refresh your interior through deep cleaning and conditioning of the materials.

Thorough Vacuum

Intensive Leather Clean and matte leather conditioner

Deep Clean for centre console

Steam Cleaning for fabric surfaces including roof lining and carpet matts

Air Freshener

Optional Extras:

Ozone and deodourising treatments

Carpet Extraction for deeper cleaning on fabrics

Stain Removal

Mould Removal


0.5 – 1 FULL DAY

Our Full Detail is a classic service which includes all the components from our ‘Interior Detail’ but also includes the exterior of the vehicle as well. This is suitable option for those looking to rejuvenate the entire vehicle for those wanting to keep their vehicle for longer or recently purchased a second hand car.

Includes all options from Interior Detail service

Intensive multi-stage Washing Process with Air Drying

Chemical and physical decontamination of exterior

Finish with Suitable LSP (last step product) e.g wax or synthetic sealant

Optional Extras:

Engine Bay Cleaning

Upgrade LSP to ceramic coating



Our pre-sale detail is designed for those looking to prepare their vehicle for sale. This means the vehicle will be thoroughly detailed in order to improve the condition as much as possible without being excessive on cost.

Includes all elements from Interior Detail

Includes all elements from Full Detail

Minor machine polishing with a Glaze in order the ‘fill’ and hide swirls and minor paint defects. It will improve the appearance by approximately 50-60%. Please note this is not paint correction.

Engine bay detail and Steam Clean

Optional Extras:

Paint Correction

Paint Touch-ups or Paintless Dent Removal



Paint Correction is the intensive service of machine polishing your paintwork ‘properly.’ This greatly differs from a what many detailers or car washes call a quick buff or polish.

Proper paint correction is a time consuming process that can be broke down into a variety of stages depending how severe the paint defects are.

Paint Correction is designed to remove the following defects:

Light to Medium Swirl Marks

Straight Marring usually from abrasive wiping

RIDS (random isolated deep scratches) usually from zips, bags or sticks etc

Etching in the clear coat; bird droppings, water spotting or other mineral stains


After paint correction, we usually insist on applying a good ceramic coating to preserve the finish.



For those with dirty fabric interiors or spills from food and drink, this service is the most suitable.

We are equipped with both carpet extraction machines for a deep clean to remove spills, debris and stains. This process would be suitable for something like spilling a cup of coffee for example.

Also included is our deep steam clean. Our high powered steamer is a dry steam which is fast drying while still killing bacteria and helping neutralise odours.

Optional Extras:

Consider upgrading to interior detail

Upgrade to Full Detail to rejuvenate your entire vehicleMould Removal

Stain Removal



If you have leather interior, this option is for you. Particularly those with tan or light coloured leather, your interior will show the build up of body oils, dirt and grime easier then those with dark or black leather.

This process involves deeply yet gently cleaning your leather to lift and remove the grime and oils.

Once clean, the leather is then conditioned with a suitable product, for Nappa Leather or older leathers, we utilise products imbued with collagen and conditioning oils which will ‘feed’ and nourish the leather to stay supple.

For newer leathers and those that have a higher percentage of synthetic materials, we would use water based cleaners and conditioners to treat the laminate surface and dyes of the material.

Optional Extras:

We highly recommend upgrading to a Leather Coating product.