Descale 500ML

Descale 500ML




Descale is our new acidic car shampoo designed for maximum efficiency against tough dirt, hard water and all manner of nastiness.

It breaks down the built-up contamination that reduces gloss and clogs the surface of neglected paint and coatings.

Like many other CARPRO products it can be used in full circle to remove waxes and sealants, prepare paint for polishing, degrease afterwards, as well as to remove traffic film and minerals on coated and non-coated vehicles during regular maintenance washes.

Dilute 1:100 for bucket washing or 1:10 for foam sprayer/ spray bottle.

For light contamination: use Descale as a snow foam and allow for maximum dwell time before rinsing. Follow up with a hand wash.

For heavier contamination: wash panel by panel starting with horizontal panels.
Wash the panel and allow Descale to dwell for as long as possible without letting it dry. Repeat if necessary
Thoroughly rinse with water.