Elixir 500ML

Elixir 500ML




EliXir is a truly astonishing quick detailer, which takes the gloss and extreme hydrophobicity of ceramic nanotechnology and puts it into a package that couldn’t be any easier to use.

Most of our products originate from the feedback of our devout fans. In the case of EliXir, they’ve taken things to a whole new level and put on the lab coats themselves, asking the question: “what if you just mix a bit of this with a bit of that..?”

Normally, you wouldn’t expect this to end well, however, they’ve stoked us with a real discovery. We have immediately taken things further, refined the formula and EliXir was born. It is a phenomenal quick detailer, that provides extreme depth, gloss and hydrophobic energy to a variety of surfaces, while being just as quick and easy to apply as ECH2O.

1. Shake well.
2. Spray EliXir sparingly on half a panel.
3. Immediately spread out, buff in and buff off.
4. Using a separate dry towel, complete a final wipe and check for streaks.
5. Move to the next section and repeat steps 2-4.