Lift 500ML

Lift 500ML




Lift is a highly concentrated pre-wash foaming agent that dissolves and lifts away a large amount of dirt and grime in a completely touch-less manner, prior to the application of vehicle shampoo.

Lift uses 13pH alkyl cleaning ingredients, which are strong yet gentle and suitable for use with all pressure foam lance washers. Applied at a typical 1:10 dilution ratio or others depending on the desired foam viscosity, Lift will dwell on surfaces typically for 5 minutes. It is formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting and rinses easily as well. It is not a superficial high foaming product but has been designed as a true active surface agent.

During the panel dwell period, Lift’s bubbles will burst and move, encouraging soaking and cleansing agents to start working. They lift road grime, by binding with our proprietary blend of surfactants.

1. Dilute Lift with water. We recommend 1:10, but you can use leaner ratios for a more flowing mixture or richer for a denser foam.
2. Always allow the product to dwell on the surface for a few minutes before rinsing – the longer the better. Do not let the product dry, even when diluted.
3. Rinse and wash the car with CARPRO Reset.